About us

interior design for individuals.

About us
Portfolio 21 is an Interior Design partnership working for private clients to help them create exceptional, individual interior environments that are wonderful to live in.    
Passionate about design and attention to detail.    We will never have a signature style.   We are always strongly brief-led.   
Our ethos is to bring out the best of an environment, to create homes that suit the people who live in them and to do what is right for the architecture.   
​Creating space.   Bringing in light.    Enabling movement.     Balancing materials and texture.      Creating vistas.    Paring down and adding more.   Maximising investment.
We strive to have good relationships with contractors and work with them to maximise the quality of the finished product and find solutions to any problems that arise.    
​We restrict the number of projects we take on and we strive to add value to every job we work on,  and will always do the best that we can for our clients.